* CONTENTS 2009-2017 *

This is the Contents Page, a chronological list of all the Pages and all the articles published on this website between 2009 and 2017. Each line is a clickable link that will take you to that page or article.

PAGES (This is the basic information about the forest.)

1. A Forest at Risk: The front page, which lays out the problem.
2. Living: The microclimate and aesthetic costs of damaging the forest.
3. A Historic Forest: Sutro forest in San Francisco’s history.
4. Wildlife: Some of the animals and birds that live in the forest.
5. Fire Hazard ??: Why there’s no substantiated fire hazard, and what’s planned will make it worse.
6. Eucalyptus Myths: The demonizing of eucalyptus through the spread of misconceptions.
7. UCSF Plan: The misguided plan to cut down trees and damage the forest.
8. Landslide Risk: Why cutting the trees will mean a greater risk of landslides on these steep slopes.
9. Herbicides: Roundup. Garlon. Imazapyr. The dangers that have come to light.
10. Whom to Contact: People in UCSF, in the City, and the neighborhoods.
11. Photos: This is an album of photographs of the forest, taken over a period of time.
12. BLOG: Clicking on this link will take you to the latest article. If you want to find a specific article, look under the list of posts. They’re in chronological order, earliest first.

POSTS (These are the more frequent “articles” on various topics.
Scroll down to the bottom for the latest ones.)

JUNE 2009
1. Letter from the SF Tree Council
2. Report on the Urban Forestry Council Meeting
3. Letter Objecting to the UCSF “Fire Mitigation” plan
4. FEMA Fire danger? Where?
5. Letter from a Cole Valley Neighbor
6. Caring for a Temperate Cloud Forest
7. Disability Access?

JULY 2009
8. Herbicides (Roundup) and the Forest
9. Hairy or Downy Woodpecker Song?
10. Friendly Invasive Species
11. Dr Singer’s letter
12. Puzzling letter from UCSF
13. Puzzled #2 – UCSF: Roundup Herbicide
14. The Northern Flicker (woodpecker)
15. Puzzled #3 – UCSF: Demonstrating what?
16. Dr Singer’s Letter
17. Puzzled #4 – UCSF: Cloud Forest ?
18. Puzzled #5 – UCSF: Strange Objectives
19. Puzzled #6 – UCSF: Landslides

21. Old San Francisco: Sand, wind, and windblown sand
22. Task force report: Trees are not a Primary Fire Hazard
23. Letter: Grass fires are worse…
24. Article in the Examiner
25. Edgewood and Farnsworth
26. Laurel Heights vs UCSF: Environmental Review Problems. Replay?
27. Michael Pollan Takes on Native Plant Ideology
28. Evidence: Opening The Forest Raises Fire-risk

29. Fog Log
30. Peter Scott’s article on Native Plant Restoration
31. In the News: UCSF; Tree Planting; Native Herbicides
32. A Walk in the Woods With Barbara French
33. A Rebuttal to UCSF’s Response to FEMA
34. The 10-15% Mitigation
35. California Eucalyptus: A Biological Treasure
36. 1 acre = 30 cars
37. New Scientist: Nativism and “Message Enhancement”

38. October Fog Log
39. The Appalling Example of Twin Peaks
40. UCSF Calls Two Meetings
41. The Cloud Forest’s Driest Day
42. Museum-ification Pt 1 and Museum-ification Pt2
43. Report on the UCSF Oct 19th Meeting
44. Help Save Mount Sutro Trails
45. Fire Hazard Map(s) ?
46. “Least Visible” South Ridge and Edgewood

47. November Fog Log
48. Volunteers, Pizza and $30/hour
49. Slate Magazine on Invasives
50. Cutting Down Trees
51. Herbicide Moratorium on Mt Sutro
52. Stewardship of a Forest
53. The Fog Log Conclusion: Seven Dry Days

54. FEMA, New York Times
55. Eucalyptus Saves Rare Native Plant!
56. Trees, Copenhagen, and Climate Change
57. Global Warming & Quarter-mile relocations
58.  ‘Heartbreakingly Beautiful’ Trees

59.  Twin Peaks in Bloom
60. Tree trimming and removal
61. Native Plants and Neurotoxins

62. Nature-in-the-City’s Erroneous “Facts”
63. Low Fire Risk and the “Historic Trail”
64. Nature-in-the-city: Tree-huggers vs Tree-killers
65. Dusk in the forest (with owls)
66. Old Growth Forest on Mt Sutro
67. UCSF Update and March 24 meeting
68. Spring and Garlon at Twin Peaks

MARCH 2010
69. Euca-phobia and Fire Myths
70. Nativism vs the Environment
71.Why Eucalyptus Trees can Actually Fight Fires
72. Srsly, Ms. Feinstein?
73. Twin Peaks: Belligerent Butterflies and herbicides
74. UCSF’s FEMA move angers Nature-in-the-City
75. Sutro Forest 2010-2011: UCSF Meeting update
76. A Forest Full of Birds

APRIL 2010
77. Sutro Cloud Forest’s Micro-climate
78. A New Plan for the Forest
79. Flowers in the Forest
80. Another Eucalyptus Myth: Bird Death
81. Garlon in our watershed
82. Dialogue with Sutro Biker
83. San Francisco – an Urban Forest Map

MAY 2010
84. Protecting Sutro Cloud Forest Helps Biodiversity
85. Deforestation: US percentage highest
86. Report: UCSF’s Agenda-Planning Meeting
87. Increasing Biodiversity
88. Urban Forests and Migratory Birds
89. East Bay: Intent to file a Petition
90. Report: UCSF Sutro Forest Meeting May 2010

JUNE 2010
91. Butterfly Count: June 7th
92. Mission Blue Butterfly- An Uncertain Experiment. Why?
93. Report: UCSF’s Agenda Planning Meeting #2
94. Butterfly Count Results
95. Concrete and Chainlink Aren’t Forest
96. Sutro Forest Updates
97. The 1976 UC Regent’s Resolution
98. Habitat Destruction in Sutro Forest
99. Six Reasons Not to Destroy Sutro Forest’s Understory
100.Our notes on UCSF’s Notes – May 25th Meeting

JULY 2010
101. Report: UCSF Sutro Forest meeting, June
102.The “Demonstration Projects”
103. More Sutro Forest Birds
104. Report: Agenda Planning Meeting #3
105. Making Wildlife Into Vermin
106. Creating a Fire Ladder?
107. The Failed Experiment at Tank Hill
108. Tree-killers in San Francisco: Reward Offered
109. Report: UCSF Forest Meeting, July 2010

110. Native Plants, Chaparral: Conversation with ‘Charlie’
111. Mount Sutro Forest: A Walk in the Fog
112. Endangered Butterflies
113. Admin stuff, and Thank You
114. Ishi’s Shrine
115. Coyote Careful
116.3 Reasons Not to Use Roundup

117. A Tree House Dream
118. Wind. Fog. Mount Sutro Forest
119. Hiking in Mount Sutro Forest – Pointers and Map
120. Tree Lovers vs Nativists: Matt Smith in the SF Weekly
121. One More Time: Fire Hazard?
122. A Unique Forest
123. Monsanto, Blackwater, Pesticides, and Spies

124. Excerpts from the Arborists’ Report
125. Something Like Avatar: Mt Sutro’s Networked Forest
126. Sutro Forest: Blue Angels and Forest Sounds
127. Sutro Forest Visit: Hawk and Butterflies
128. Found a Cat in Sutro Forest
129. Twin Peaks: Fall Weather, Roundup and Garlon
130. Natural Areas, Roundup and Birth Defects

131. Eucalyptus in San Francisco’s Urban Forest
132. Parnassus Meeting Nov 8th 2010
133. Report on the UCSF Parnassus Meeting (Nov 2010)
134. Native Plants and Pesticides: Glyphosate at Lake Merced
135. Mt Sutro Stewards and the Kill-Trees Trail
136. Sutro Forest Photo by Vickie McNamee
137.Sutro Forest EIR Scoping Meeting – 10th Jan 2011

138. Quirky Oaks:Parody of an anti-Eucalyptus Pamphlet
139.  Twin Peaks – Still Appalling – Mount Sutro’s Future?
140. Stumbling in Sutro Forest
141. Ravens vs Great Horned Owls by Patricia Greene

142. Pt Reyes Light, an Informed Arborist, and Eucalyptus
143. UCSF, Mt Sutro Stewards, and the Fate of Sutro Forest
144. What UCSF’s EIR will Evaluate – and What it Won’t
145.  Bees and Blue Gum Eucalyptus and Herbicides
146.  A rebuttal to UCSF November Report – Morley Singer
147.  Report: UCSF’s EIR Scoping Meeting, Jan 2011
148.   Thirty Years in Mount Sutro Forest – Alicia Snow
150.  Sutro Forest Ecosystem and Wildlife Habitat
151.  Garlon in our Reservoir?
152.  A Letter from Lawyers about the Sutro Stewards

153. It wasn’t a faun…
154. It’s Spring! It’s Twin Peaks! It’s toxic Garlon herbicide!
155.  Glen Canyon and Garlon: Answering Jake Sigg
156. More Garlon for Glen Canyon Park?
157. The Shrine in the Forest
158. Century-old Trees Help the Forest Grow

MARCH 2011
159. Garlon, Natural Areas, and the City
160. Native Plants, Oxalis and the Futility of Garlon
161. Supermoon over Sutro Forest
162. Habitat Destruction with Sutro Stewards

APRIL 2011
163.  Twin Peaks and the Mission Blue Butterfly: Why it’s Still Uncertain
164.  Cats, Catbirds: Why the Smithsonian study doesn’t say what everyone thinks it does
165.  Sutro Forest: Courtesy on the Mountain

MAY 2011
166.  Mount Sutro Forest, Native Plants, and Ideology: Debate between a Climatologist and Charlie – Part I
167.  Debate….Part II
168.  Debate….Part III
169.  In Mount Sutro Forest, May 2011
170.  Lament for Oakland’s Garber Park
171.  SF NAP on Twin Peaks: Rainy Days and Roundup…

JUNE 2011
172. Mount Sutro Forest, Sunlit
173.  Mount Sutro Forest as Habitat: Janet Kessler in ‘Way Out West’
174. Roundup, Birth defects, and the new trail in Mount Sutro Forest
175. Twin Peaks, Glen Canyon, Natural Areas, and Imazapyr
176. Interwoven and Integrated: Non-native and native in life’s web

JULY 2011
177.  A Map of Mount Sutro Forest
178.  San Francisco Butterfly Count tomorrow, 3 July 2011
179.  Forest Shrine Makeover
180.  Kareiva, Nature Conservancy, and Nativism
181. San Francisco, Biodiversity, and the Department of the Environment
182. San Francisco Butterfly Count Results, July 2011
183. Mount Sutro Forest: Sounds of the Cloud Forest
184. Killing 5000 Trees in Mount Sutro Forest

185. Mount Sutro Forest, Deforested
186. Natural areas, Pine Lake and Pesticides… Again
187. Destroying the Soundscape of Mount Sutro Forest
188. Twin Peaks: Sunset and Evening Fog and Pesticides
189. Mount Sutro: Current Conditions in the Cloud Forest

190. Mount Sutro Forest: The View From Cole Valley
191. Mount Sutro: Cloud Forest Pictures by Paul Hudson
192. San Francisco’s Natural Areas Program…Where’s It Going?
193. Bird-safe Buildings for San Francisco
194. Why San Francisco’s Natural Areas Are — Unnatural
195. “Natural Areas Program”: Destroying the Trees of San Francisco
196. Natural Areas Program’s Pesticides: Toxic and Toxic-er

197. San Francisco Natural Area’s Pesticide Violations
198.  San Francisco’s Natural Areas: The Many Mistakes in the Draft EIR
199.  Blue Angels over Mount Sutro Forest
200. Killing Healthy Trees in SF’s “Natural Areas”
201. Native Restorations Don’t “Restore” Anything – Professor Arthur Shapiro’s comments on the DEIR for the SNRAMP
202.  USCF, Sutro Stewards, and the fund-raising “Fire Hazard”

203.  The Bees of Glen Canyon Park
204. SF Natural Areas Program: Imazapyr, Glyphosate Pesticides at McLaren Park
205. The Summer Tanager and San Francisco’s Non-Native Plants
206. Glen Canyon Park: Birds, Habitat, and the Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Program (SNRAMP)
207. Mt Sutro Forest: New Trail, No EIR
208.  Monarch Butterflies in Eucalyptus in San Francisco

209. SNRAMP, Pesticides, and Mt Davidson
210. Glen Canyon Park: Pesticides and Habitat Removal
211. Bees, Weeds, and Nativism
212. The San Francisco Forest Alliance
213. ‘Tis the Season… for Poisons on Twin Peaks
214.  Mt. Davidson Park – An Open Space Preserved for Recreation or Native Plants?
215.  Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 13

216.  Happy New Year, with Pyrotechnics and Pesticides
217.  San Francisco Natural Areas and Escalating Pesticide Use

218. Sutro Forest at Sunrise
219. Pine Lake with Pollution and Pesticides
220. The $3.4 mn “Park” at Sutro Dunes
221.  Sutro Forest in February 2012
222.  Mt Sutro Forest – Beautiful Evocation of a Lost Tree

MARCH 2012
223. The Murdered Tree on Mt Davidson
224.  What Adolph Sutro Didn’t Know About his Eucalyptus Forest
225. Why Low Dose Pesticides are Still Hazards
226. Glen Canyon Park: Chainsaws in the Nesting Season

APRIL 2012
227. San Francisco’s Natural Areas Program Ignores Breeding Birds

MAY 2012
228. A Bobcat in Sutro Forest?
229. The Forest in May

JUNE 2012
230. Trees and Income Inequality
231. UCSF Postpones Tree-felling Another Year
232. Sutro Forest: A Tale of Two Riders

JULY 2012
233. Pesticides in San Francisco’s Natural Areas: Rising Volumes
234. Measuring Pesticide Use by San Francisco’s Natural Areas Program
235. Mount Sutro Cloud Forest: Forest report, July 2012
236. Mount Sutro Forest: A Landmark

237. San Francisco Butterfly Count 2012 Results
238. Insects Don’t Prefer Native Plants
239. Mt Sutro Cloud Forest: An August 2012 Hike

240. Fact Check: Nothing Grows UnderEucalyptus? (Allelopathy)
241. Ostriches below Mt Sutro Forest

242. UCSF Long Range Development Plan Meeting and Sutro Forest
243. San Francisco’s Natural Areas: 2012 A Record Year for Pesticide Use

244. Saving the Trees of Glen Canyon Park
245. Speaking for Glen Canyon’s Trees

246. Sunset and Mushrooms: Mount Sutro Forest Hike, December 2012
247. Stand with Miranda – Saving Forests in Tasmania
248. Rat Poison Killed Glen Canyon’s Owl


249. “Functional, Beautiful Ecosystems Should Be Left Alone”
250. Glen Canyon Park: The Tree-Cutting Started
251. Sutro Forest Draft Environmental Impact Report: Opening For Comments
252. SF’s Natural Areas Program Uses Even More Pesticides
253. The Draft Environmental Impact Report for Sutro Forest
254. Sutro Forest is Visible From Space
255. UCSF Plans to Fell More Than 30 Thousand Trees on Mount Sutro

256. Save Mount Sutro Forest – How You Can Help
257. “Enough with this Tree Genocide”: Comments from The Petition to Save Mount Sutro Forest
258. Nearly 800 Signatures on the Mount Sutro Forest Petition
259. A Hiker’s Letter: Sutro Forest A Midcity Treasure
260. Is UCSF’s Sutro Forest Actually Unhealthy?
261. Mount Sutro Forest Hike in February
262. Message to UCSF: Do the math!!
263. Why Does UCSF Want to Destroy Sutro Forest?
264. Mount Sutro Forest: Why UCSF’s Protests Aren’t Convincing
265. Report: UCSF’s Public Hearing Strongly Favors Preserving Sutro Forest
266. Sutro Forest’s on Channel 2 News

MARCH 2013
267. Mission Blue Butterflies – Uncertainty Saga
268. Fimrite’s Forest: The Evil Twin of Sutro Forest
269. Tree Wars by Joel Engardio
270. UCSF’s Mt Sutro DEIR: How Many Felled Trees – 30,000 or 22,000 or zero?
271. Sutro Forest Statement by Dr Joseph Mascaro
272. Flaws in UCSF’s Sutro DEIR: Public Comments Due 19 March 2013
273. “Don’t Cut Me Down”: Found in Sutro Forest
274. ABC7 Television, an Idyllic Forest, and Fear of Fire
275. Bucketloads of Herbicides Coming to Sutro Forest
276. March End, 2013 – Mount Sutro Forest Hike

APRIL 2013
277.  Mount Sutro Forest “Management Plan” Timeline
278.  Save the Forests! Meeting – 21 April 2013
279.  The Importance of Eucalyptus
280.  San Francisco Bay Guardian: SH!T H@#PENED – The Battle of Mt Sutro
281.  A Tree Story in Mount Sutro Forest
282. Sutro Forest “Fire Hazard” – Lesson from the Oakland Hills

MAY 2013
283. May 2013: Mount Sutro Forest Hike in a Dry Spell
284. Sutro Stewards: The Good, The Bad, and the… ???
285. People Overwhelmingly Favor Preserving Mount Sutro Forest
286. Hiking Through Mount Sutro by Tony Holiday (Part I)
287. Hiking through Mount Sutro Forest – Tony Holiday (Part 2)

JUNE 2013
288. Presentations: How Did it Become Mt Davidson?
289. How Many Butterflies? San Francisco Butterfly Count, 2013
290. Action Alert: TODAY is Deadline for East Bay Tree-felling Comments
291. War on Trees in the Bay Area
292. Tasmania Saves its Forests: Thanks, Miranda!
293. One More Year for Sutro Forest
294. Sutro Forest June 2013: Trails and Flammability

JULY 2013
295. Westside Observer “Cannot Comprehend the Logic” of UCSF’s Sutro Plan
296. Tree Spirit Project in Mount Sutro Forest
297. The Making of the Mt Sutro Tree Spirit Project
298. Invasion Biology – Pseudoscience? – Talk in Berkeley, 14 July 2013
299. Sutro Cloud Forest is Foggy while Fires Burn Elsewhere
300. Jake Sigg and Transparency and CalFire

301. Getting the Word Out: Media Coverage of Sutro Forest
302. UCSF Surprise: Felling >1000 Trees On Mt Sutro in Aug 2013
303. Sutro Forest Tree-felling Notices Posted
304. Peaceful Protest for Sutro Forest: Aug 29, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m

305. Sutro Forest – Protesting the Tree-cutting
306. Mt Sutro Cloud Forest Evening: Puddles, Not Fire
307. UCSF, Sutro Forest, and – “Emergency”?
308. Sutro Forest Report: What’s Been Done?

309. Trails Report: Dry October in Mount Sutro Forest
310. Come to UCSF’s Mt Sutro Meeting: 21 Nov 2013

311. What Vegetation Burns?
312. Reminder: Come to UCSF’s Mt Sutro Meeting on Nov. 21 2013
313. Progress! UCSF’s Changed Plans for Mt Sutro Forest (Meeting Report)

314. UCSF: No Pesticides for Mount Sutro Forest
315. “Invasive” Plants can Save Native Wildlife
316.  Commonwealth Club: 3 Important 2014 Lectures
317.  The Plants that Monarch Butterflies Need

318.  ‘Natural’ Areas Program Using Pesticide in Sutro Forest
319.  John Muir, Eucalyptus, and Happy New Year!
320.  SF’s Natural Areas Program – More Pesticide in 2013
321.  Please Sign SF Forest Alliance’s NEW Petition to Save Natural Areas
322.  SF RPD 2013 Herbicide Use – A Correction
323. Sutro Forest in January 2014

324.  UCSF Meeting Report – 11 Feb 2014
325.  February Idyll in Mount Sutro Forest: Bikes, Flowers, Slug

MARCH 2014
326. Time and Ecological Communities – Talk by Dr Art Shapiro – 24 March 2014
327. UCSF Sutro Forest Update
328.  Good News: Rat Poisons To Be Restricted in California

APRIL 2014
329. How to Define ‘Biodiversity’
330. Sutro Forest: Cut Trees, Add Landslide Risk
331. Felling Orange-dot Trees in the Nesting Season

MAY 2014
332. Sutro Forest: Risk and Uncertainty

JUNE 2014
333. Sutro Forest: Good News; Bad News; Action Alert

JULY 2014
334. Understanding Eucalyptus in the Bay Area – Dr Joe R. McBride
335. The ROSE Disappointment
336. Walking in Sutro Forest – June, July 2014
337. San Francisco Butterflies – Count Results for 2014
338. Cal-IPC Eucalyptus Reassessment: Same Result (for Different Reasons)
339. Sutro Forest: NATURAL, Not Diseased or Dying

340.  Mount Sutro: Fungi in the Forest
341. AAA Says, Don’t Miss Mount Sutro

342. UCSF Meeting: Sutro Forest Notes (3 Sept 2014)
343. A 1927 San Francisco Tourist Map Shows Sutro Forest
344. No Comments at UCSF’s LRDP EIR Hearing – 22 Sept 2014

345. SF Beautiful Nominates Your Webmaster

346. Managing Urban Coyotes: by Janet Kessler
347. Sutro Forest Thanksgiving

348. Black Lives Matter to Everyone
349. East Bay Trees to be Destroyed – How to Help

350. What Happened to Sutro Forest in 2014 – and Happy New Year!
351. SF Forest Alliance Sent 1700 Signatures to Mayor Lee!

352. Mission Blue Butterfly- The Latest on Twin Peaks
353. Winter Walk in Mt Sutro Cloud Forest

MARCH 2015
354. UCSF Quarterly CAG Meeting – March 2015 – Sutro Forest
355. Law Suit to Stop FEMA from Funding East Bay Deforestation

APRIL 2015
356. Cal-IPC Eucalyptus Reassessment: Not So Invasive

MAY 2015
357. Fighting SF Bay Area Deforestation

JUNE 2015
358. Drought-Adapted Eucalyptus NOT Dying by the Thousand
359. Sutro Forest in May 2015 – Green Despite the Drought

360. “Are Eucalyptus Trees Going To Kill Us All?” Talk by Jack Gescheidt – Aug 15, 2015
361. Petition the Sierra Club to Stop Advocating Against Trees and For Pesticides
362. Sutro Forest Attrition

363. Sutro Forest: Fog and Puddles While Elsewhere Fires Burn
364. SF Fire Department Busts Some Myths – And More “Work” in Sutro Forest?
365. Sunny Day with Butterflies and Bees in Sutro Forest


366. Rainstorms Ahead, Sutro Forest Can Respond If We Let It

367.Sierra Club Alienates its Would-be Allies
368. Sierra Club “Corrects” the Record – Fails
369. Monarch Butterfly Season with Child Art
370. More Trees Felled in Sutro Forest
371. UCSF Destroying Forest on Mount Sutro?

372. Sutro Forest East Ridge Trees Being Felled Now
373. A 1912 Tribute to Adolph Sutro

374. Ishi – An Article from 1911
375. UCSF Restarts Sutro Forest Plans in 2016
376. More Sad News From Sutro Forest
377. Protecting Mount Sutro Cloud Forest Helps Biodiversity

378. Report: First UCSF TAC Meeting, 14 Jan 2016
379. Mount Sutro Forest: Logging a Lovely Forest

MARCH 2016
380. Sierra Club Members! Please vote
381. Coming to Sutro Forest: Three New Trails and a Fancy Trail Head
382. Two Views of Sutro Forest

APRIL 2016
383. UCSF’s Second Sutro Forest Meeting – April 28, 2016
384. Invisible Nests – Tree Work Should Avoid the Nesting Season

MAY 2016
385. UCSF’s 2016 Sutro Forest Plan: Who’s Who
386. Report: UCSF Second Sutro Forest TAC Meeting

JUNE 2016
387. Butterfly Count 2016 – San Francisco
388. Mission Blue Butterflies on Twin Peaks 2016 Update: Imports from San Bruno Continue
389. “New Battle over Managing Sutro Forest Trees” – San Francisco Chronicle

390. Sutro Forest – UCSF to Hold Final TAC Meeting (and some old pictures)
391. UCSF’s New Draft Plan for Sutro Forest – Aug 2016

392. UCSF Meeting about 2016 Sutro Forest Draft Plan – Oct 27, 2016 – Report

393. Urban Greening Draft – Speak for the Trees by 5 Dec 2016
394.Crucial Meeting for San Francisco Trees – Dec 15, 2016 – Tomorrow
395. Another TAC Meeting – Jan 23, 2017
396.Season’s Greetings, Best Wishes for 2017

397. Sutro Forest TAC Meeting – Nativist Coup
398. Are Eucalyptus Trees Going to Kill Us All? Jan 27, 2017 – San Rafael California

399. Why “Thinning” Damages a Forest
400. Old Trees Trap More Carbon and Fight Climate Change
401. Mt Sutro: UCSF’s Initial Study for the EIR Highlights Appalling New 2017 Plan

MARCH 2017
402. How Many Trees in Sutro Forest? And What Will be Left?
403. Mt Sutro Forest: Nibbling at the Western Edge with Kirkham Heights Project?

APRIL 2017
404. Forest- Bathing in Mount Sutro Cloud Forest
405. The Forest at the City’s Heart – Sutro Cloud Forest
406. Native Plant Restoration: “Someone Pays and Someone Profits”

MAY 2017
407. Peter Ehrlich – 1948-2017
408. April Visit to Beautiful Sutro Forest

JUNE 2017
409. Ecological Novelty is Nature’s Future

JULY 2017
410. Butterfly Count in San Francisco 2017
411. Here It Comes: UCSF Announced the Draft EIR for Sutro Forest
412. Year 9 of Mission Blue Butterfly on Twin Peaks: Mixed Results

413. Public Comments Due September 22, 2017 on Sutro Forest DEIR
414. Sutro Forest 2017 Plan Imposes a Landslide Risk

415. Sutro Forest Plan: Heavy Machinery in Unstable Areas
416. What Will Sutro Forest Look Like After the Plan?
417. Disturbing Sutro Forest Would Release a Lot of Green House Gases

418. Monarch Butterfly at Twin Peaks – Oct 2017
419. Barn Owl in Sutro Forest

420. “Hazardous Tree Work” – Cutting Down Trees on Mount Sutro This Winter
421.  Furious Letter from a Forest Lover

422. Lest We Forget: Sutro Forest – 2004, 2005, 2006
422. Lest We Forget (2): Sutro Forest – 2007
423.  Season’s Greetings! 
424. Bad News from Sutro Forest – Clearcuts in Interior Green Belt