A Map of Mount Sutro Forest

Readers of this site may remember that a few months ago, we took down a number of maps after we received a strongly-worded legal letter. We had assumed they were in the public domain (they were based on city/ UCSF documents and bore no copyright marks), and were planning on seeking a legal opinion. However, Ben Pease of Pease Press Cartography has claimed them in a comment. That’s okay with us. We will not use his maps unless he specifically permits it. We believe in respecting copyrights.

So here is our new map. It’s not as pretty as one we hope to develop later, but we think it’s clear, legible, and serves the purpose of informing our readers. (If you click on it, then click again, it opens up to a larger version.) It’s based on a map from “Open Street Map“, a site that encourages crowd-sourcing of maps; we’ve added in some information by hand. We think it’s accurate enough for discussion and hiking.

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