Historic UCSF Documents Relating to Mt Sutro/ Parnassus

I. The 1976 Regents’ Resolution Promising Sutro Forest as open space in perpetuity (2 pages).

1976 regents’ resolution

II. The Year 2000 Aldea Housing Agreement (6 pages), limiting housing at Aldea and promising that two sites of demolished dormitories would be “planted to blend in with the forest.” (They were instead converted to the Sutro Stewards nursery surrounded by chain link fencing.)  Aldea Housing Agreement 2000 01


In 2010, Steven Frischia, one of the neighbors of Sutro Forest, placed a public records request with UCSF for “the 1975 designation for an open space reserve for Mt Sutro, the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) in the October 1975 agreement, and the Environmental Impact Report related to the LRDP.” These documents were provided by UCSF as a response to that request.

Here’s the UCSF cover letter to Steve (1 page): UCSF letter to SJF

This is an internal UCSF letter dated Oct 16, 1975, about the LRDP (7 pages):  october 1975 letter abt plan

III. The amended 1975, 1976 Long Range Development PLan for UCSF (83 pages): LRDP amended May 1976


IV. The Table of Contents (4 pages): LRDPFEIROct1975-TOC
IVa. Chapter I of the 1975 EIR (43 pages): LRDPFEIROct1975-Chapter1
IVb. Chapter 2 of the 1975 EIR (99  pages): LRDPFEIROct1975-Chapter2
IVc. Chapter 5 of the 1975 EIR (49  pages): LRDPFEIROct1975-Chapter5