Dr Morley Singer, RIP

We are sad to inform our supporters of the passing of Dr Morley Singer.
He was a major force in our battle to save this forest, and  Joint President of the SaveSutro organization. His incisive intelligence and strong leadership helped protect the forest for nearly 20 years.

Dr Morley Singer, with Sutro Forest in the distance

Dr Singer, a Professor Emeritus of UCSF had the greatest respect for it as a medical institution – but not for its unfortunate treatment of Sutro Forest.

The picture above was taken in 2012, and he permitted us to use it on this website. It shows him on the Golden Gate Bridge, with Sutro Forest in the distance near the Sutro Tower.

Condolences may be sent to his sister Gail at zingerfilm@sympatico.ca

His obituary is posted in the San Francisco Chronicle at this link: Dr Morley Singer, 1931-2019

Dr. Morley Singer

Dr. Morley Singer, Dec.16, 1936-Feb 9, 2021, a resident of San Francisco and Sausalito for over 50 years, passed away at age 84.

Morley Singer is survived by his loving sister Gail Singer of Toronto, and his step-family; Pam Bonnell, her granddaughters Jen (Scott) and Melissa (Mark) and their children Maya and Will and Sam and Kayleigh of Canada, and his ever present sweet canine companion, Shaina.

Pre-deceased by beloved wife Betty (died May 9, 2019),Morley was born in Winnipeg, Canada to Louis and Bertha Singer. He graduated medical school at University Of Manitoba and was a recipient of an Isbister Scholarship.

Of his many accomplishments Morley was most proud of designing one of the first intensive care units in the country at The University Of California San Francisco Medical Center and serving as its first medical director. Many of his former UCSF students and colleagues were able to visit and reminisce with Morley prior to his death.

Additionally, he inspired and implemented the Anesthesia Department at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel. Both endeavors occurred in the 1970s. He went on to a successful decades long practice in anesthesiology in San Francisco..

A passionate lifelong athlete, Morley was an accomplished sailor, cross-country and downhill skier. He helped establish, build and manage a permanent tennis court site in Bear Valley, which held a particularly important place in Morley’s heart.

Morley and Betty spent summers and many winters in Bear Valley where they developed deep friendships with a fascinating cross section of people. Morley enjoyed skiing, cycling, swimming, entertaining friends at Betty’s exquisite dinner parties. And, was always on call to his friends and neighbors for medical emergencies.

The richness of life in Bear Valley and San Francisco was supplemented by Morley’s and Betty’s yearly vacations in Santa Barbara with his sister Gail and friends. They also travelled to Gail’s homes in Toronto and Kinmount for Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations with extended family and a host of dear freinds.

In recent years Morley was an outspoken advocate for the maintaining of San Francisco’s unique Sutro Forest against the unprincipled development projects of the University of California, (UCSF). Still, his admiration and appreciation for the university’s academic integrity never wavered and he was a proud recipient of the honors bestowed upon him by the university as an Emeritus Professor.

In the recent past Morley fulfilled a dream. His houseboat in Sausalito gave him enormous joy and an opportunity to share it with family and friends from nearby and far away, most recently the Balazar family from France .

Morley examined the richness of his life and relationships and like many of his decisions he made his own final choice. During his last days Morley was moved by the many friends and colleagues who expressed their admiration and love for him, and the deep impact his encouragement, humor and inspiration had on their lives.

Morley had a gift for deep and lasting friendship; including many dating back to his childhood in Winnipeg.

When we can gather again, Gail will invite everyone to celebrate Morley’s life with food, drink and many stories.

A very special thank you to Dr. Lester Jacobson and George and Maura Cruz and family for their devotion and generosity.
You may send messages to zingerfilm@sympatico.ca

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  1. I am so very sorry to hear this. He was a wonderful guy, always upbeat, easy to talk with, and a great supporter of our cause. Good-bye Morley.

  2. libertywolf says:

    RIP to a warrior for the forest! If only we could have it forever. Thanks Morley for helping to keep the wolves away for as long as you did. That was stupendous. RIP —

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