One More Year for Sutro Forest

We recently learned that UCSF will delay project implementation, which was otherwise likely to start in August 2013.

notes in the forest - Gina HallWith the unprecedented number of written comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and the spoken comments at the February 2013 meeting, UCSF has found it needs more time to respond. Until it does so, the final EIR cannot be issued or certified. We had analyzed the potential time-line back in April, before UCSF knew that it would need more time to deal with comments.

UCSF avoids any major work in the forest during the bird nesting season (mid-February – mid-August), and during the rainy season (November – April).  This means they can only schedule project implementation for August-November. Now, they don’t expect to complete the process (EIR finalization, certification, project approval) before this window closes. What they told us was:

“Although the timeline is not set in stone, any implementation of proposed management actions on Mt. Sutro would not take place until late-summer/early-fall of 2014.  We are planning to hold a public meeting after the responses to the Draft Environmental Impact Report are complete.”


This does not mean that the Management Plan is withdrawn, only that the decision-makers have more time to re-think it. Please write to them to urge them to do so. Also, please continue to spread the word. We keep hearing that a lot of people – even those who love the forest – know nothing of the destructive Plan that hangs over it.

(Please go HERE for addresses and What You Can Do.)

6. Interior Greenbelt Trail Sundappled forest - Tony Holiday

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