Come to UCSF’s Mt Sutro Meeting: 21 Nov 2013

UCSF has called a meeting to talk about its plans for Mount Sutro Forest.

It’s scheduled for 21st November, 2013, at 6.30 pm, and will be held at Millberry Conference Center, 500 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco CA 94122. We understand that they will talk about the recent “Urgent Fire Safety” work on the forest, (and perhaps seek to gauge reactions). They will also talk about future steps for the forest.

We think this is an important meeting. Please attend if you can, and make sure to comment. Public comments are crucial to their gauging sentiment, and leave a record that you were there.

ucsf announcement 21 nov 2013  meeting


Separate, but related: UCSF is currently in the process of working toward its new Long Range Development Plan (LRDP).

This will cover all the physical changes they expect to make to their facilities at Parnassus (including Mt Sutro); at Mission Bay, their big new campus; at Mt Zion; and at Laurel Heights. They’ve published the Initial Study which is meant to outline what they will need to cover in the Draft Environmental Impact Report for that over-arching plan. The Initial Study is HERE: initial study for LRDP 2014

On 28th Oct, 2013, they had their official Scoping meeting to present the Initial Study. (The scoping meeting is to help determine areas that the community thinks may have an environmental impact.) Comments are due before November 12th, 2013.

In Sutro Forest, apart from the measures outlined in the Sutro Forest DEIR (which we wrote about HERE), they plan to:
– Build a retaining wall on Medical Center Way above the Regenerative Medicine Building;
– Demolish three small offices;
– Demolish three student housing buildings within the Aldea Student Housing area.

It’s not clear what they will do with the area where they’ve demolished the buildings. The last time they demolished an Aldea building, they were supposed to plant it to blend into the forest. Instead, it’s become a chainlink-enclosed “Native Plant Nursery.”

sutro stewards native plant nursery

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