Black Lives Matter to Everyone

This site focuses on Mount Sutro Cloud Forest, but in the past we’ve digressed into other areas of environmental and public interest. We discussed butterflies, herbicides, and even a particularly egregious study that attempted to indicate that cats were major killers of birds though their data actually disproved the claim.


Today’s digression is on a much more serious topic. We’re moved and upset by what has surfaced about the risk to African-Americans adults and even children as a result of embedded  prejudice. It’s increasingly clear that across large parts of the country, they cannot take for granted the simple liberties and courtesies that most others expect as a right. We’ve been dismayed by mothers and fathers saying they have to have “The Talk” with their children at increasingly early ages. We’re dismayed that such a Talk is necessary. There’s discussion of a post-racial society; clearly, we are not there.

As our cities rise in protest, we want to declare our solidarity with those who agitate: The Black Lives Matter movement; the Medical Students’ Die-In; and all those who fight the injustice that imperils our communities of color.

We stand with them.



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  1. Lu says:

    Thanks for that statement. I agree that the current situation is an outrage and the call for change and training is valid. I also think there is a tie-in regarding prejudice against plants deemed “non-native”…yet are living peacefully and contributing to our atmosphere and quality of life.

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