Tree-killers in San Francisco: Reward Offered

It wasn’t just on Tank Hill that tree-killers were active: Someone’s currently killing trees in Golden Gate Park. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that someone cut down 15 newly-planted saplings.

There have been five or more such attacks since May 2010, with a total of 44 trees killed by being felled or ripped out, or having their bark damaged. CBS5 also reported a similar attack in Lincoln Park, where other trees were destroyed. Most of the trees attacked were non-natives: elms,  a magnolia, pines, cypresses. And a sycamore, unclear whether native or not.

The Chron quotes a parks department spokesman: “We don’t know if it is someone with a political agenda, or a mental problem or something else. It does seem like someone knows what they’re doing.” San Francisco officials are offering a $2000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the tree-killer. Notes the Chron: “Anyone with information about the vandal is encouraged to call Elton Pon at (415) 831-2782.”

EDITED TO ADD:  A kind donor, Chase Freedom (the credit card company) has donated 40 trees to replace the ones destroyed.
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2 Responses to Tree-killers in San Francisco: Reward Offered

  1. Charlie says:

    I highly doubt this is someone with a ‘native plants’ agenda any more than a graffiti producer has an anti-stone wall agenda. It sounds like a plain old vandal to me.

    [From webmaster: We hope so.]

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