Mount Sutro Forest, Deforested

This is the view of Mount Sutro Forest from Twin Peaks.

So we were thinking… how would Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve look if the anti-tree people get their way?

Maybe something like this? (It’s our best estimate, using a digitally altered image.)

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3 Responses to Mount Sutro Forest, Deforested

  1. While I do see the value of the big trees, aesthetics-wise I love the dry, soft native hillside hues that change color with each season. Aesthetics are so subjective… maybe that landscape isn’t the best fit for Sutro but labeling it as ugly might lead to it’s being bulldozed in other places, or turned into something less unique and special.

    (I know you didn’t call it ugly per se but…)

    • webmaster says:

      What I’d like to see is both. In San Francisco, we have the treeless hillsides (and a few of them are nativish, though the grasses are mostly not) and we have the forests. It would be great to preserve both.

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