Forest Shrine Makeover

From time to time, we’ve posted about the little shrine in Sutro Forest. When we first saw it, it was a shrine in memory of Ishi, the last of the Yahi, who lived near the forest in the care of professors from University of California (Berkeley).

Later, his portrait was removed, but it still seemed to be a memorial.

Today? Not so much. June 2 was a Sutro Stewards volunteer day, when they work on trails and the Native Garden at the summit. We don’t know if it was an associated event, or a coincidence — but the shrine’s had a makeover.

It has an elephant. And a peace symbol. A black raven’s feather.  And a fortune-telling card.

When we first saw it, Saturday, the elephant had its back to the world. It had turned away, or it had been sat in a corner. The shrine contained a white plastic bag, knotted, a broken red crayon, and a yellow plastic bead. The peace symbol was a tiny canvas, brightly painted in acrylics.

Today, the elephant faced forward; and the bag, the crayon, and the bead were gone.  Someone had tidied up. The frieze of coins on the back wall (from the previous look) was still there, as was the fortune telling card.

“Did you see the falling star?” it asked. “Did you make a wish?” It assured us that the world held great happiness for us, and our lucky color was blue. Maybe it was thinking of our jeans.

EDITED TO ADD (25 July 2011):

A few days ago, when we went on the Soundwalk in the forest, someone had added an owl to the shrine, and an abalone shell, and a feather… the romantic fortune card was gone. We hope it brought someone Great Happiness.

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