Blue Angels over Mount Sutro Forest

Lulu Carpenter sent me this picture of the Blue Angels flying over Mount Sutro Forest, with the note “I wish I had had my camera out today – they flew right over my head, much lower than they were flying yesterday.”

Here’s a link to last year’s pictures as well.

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3 Responses to Blue Angels over Mount Sutro Forest

  1. janet says:

    The sonic boom is distressing. I wonder how it affects all the wildlife in the area.

    • webmaster says:

      Not sure…haven’t observed them. Do you know if is scares the coyotes?

      • janet says:

        I know that booming low-flying jets scare coyotes and probably all animals — the noise has scared me and it has been very upsetting to my dogs. The alarming booming noise causes coyotes to run back and forth while cringing somewhat as they visually scan the sky, or, they run for cover.

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