Parnassus Meeting Nov 8th 2010

We received this message from one of the neighbor organizations under the heading:


Announcing: mt. sutro stewards / UCSF update meeting

MONDAY, November 8, 7:00 pm
UCSF Parnassus Library, 530 Parnassus Avenue
Lange Room, 5th floor

UCSF is convening a meeting of the Parnassus CAG Action Team (A subcommittee of the UCSF Community Advisory Group) to discuss several proposed projects on the Parnassus campus. We invite you to join us for these presentations and welcome your input. Items to be discussed on the agenda include:

  • Parnassus Bicycle Cage Project
  • Aldea Seed Propagation Area
  • Mount Sutro Bulletin Boards and Trail Update
  • Regenerative Medicine Building Update


[ETA2: We received a legal letter on behalf of the San Francisco Parks Trust and the Sutro Stewards saying “contrary to your published information, UCSF PCAT meetings are sponsored only by UCSF, not  Sutro Stewards…” and telling us to correct the information. So we’re clarifying that we did not originate the notice above, and we accept that PCAT meetings are sponsored only by UCSF. The meeting was facilitated by Craig Dawson, who is Executive Director of the Sutro Stewards, and Kevin Hart, an Inner Sunset Resident.]

Integrated into the Forest Yet?

The Aldea seed propagation area is presumably the concrete pad surrounded by chainlink fencing we had written about here.

The Bulletin Boards would be the ones discussed here, and the new trails here .

The Regenerative Medicine Building (the “Stem Cell Research Building”) is a new structure snaking along the bottom of the newly reopened Medical Center Way.

I presume they will also discuss the new “Community Center” that is nearing completion on Johnstone in the Aldea Student Housing area.

According to the Sutro Stewards website, this “community center” (to be completed in Spring)  “will be the home to our stewardship program, a youth Natural History Program, a gathering place for guided tours and events.

If the Stewards have the arm’s-length relationship they have claimed in prior meetings, we’re not entirely sure why UCSF is building them a clubhouse, especially at a time when it is working to raise funds for its Children’s Hospital in Mission Bay. What other uses are planned for this “Community Center” ? We hope this will be clarified at the meeting.

[ETA: It was actually clarified, and it appears that this will genuinely be a community center. The Stewards will use it approximately 45 times per year. Our report on the meeting is here.]

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  1. Dirk says:

    Why are the trails being built now? We were previously told that October of 2011 was the beginning of plan implementation.

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