Mount Sutro: Fungi in the Forest

possibly lepiota rhacodes in Mt Sutro Cloud Forest

In an earlier post, we’d said that fungi and mushrooms were so unusual in Sutro Forest that we took photographs when we saw them – like on this walk in December 2012.

mushrooms 4But recently, on another visit to the forest, we found more mushrooms than we’d ever seen there before. They lined one of the trails, growing singly or in clusters.

mushroomsWe were interested to find out what they were.  One naturalist we consulted thought they could be a Lepiota species, possibly L. rhacodes. (Obviously, that’s NOT a definite identification, since it’s based on photographs not specimens.)

mushrooms 2

It would make sense. It’s the kind of mushroom that lives on dead wood, helping to recycle nutrients into the soil. And it’s know to occur under eucalyptus.

mushrooms - saprophytesWe’ve seen these before, but never in such numbers. Which also makes sense; with hundreds of trees having been cut down, there’s lots of dead wood for these fungi.

But they’re not the only ones. We saw a few of these bracket fungus, too, on stumps or logs. Possibly ‘False Turkey Tail’ – also helping the forest ecosystem along by digesting and recycling the dead wood.

more fungi

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