More Sad News From Sutro Forest

More trees are being cut down in Sutro Forest, and machinery is being used that could damage the roots even of the trees left standing.

Today in Sutro Forest above Medical Center Way 2 smWe were driving down Medical Center Way today and saw machines and crews at work on the slope where the North Ridge Trail meets Medical Center Way. (The big red X on the map below.)

sutro forest map with location of tree cutting jan 2016This is  the area the Sutro Stewards have referred to as the “Redwood Bowl” where the plan called for removal of all the existing trees,  and planting of a few scattered redwoods. More recently, they have written about realigning the North Ridge Trail.

Today in Sutro Forest above Medical Center Way 1 smLater, when we drove by, work had stopped for the day, and the former trees were a huge pile of woodchips.

Former trees in a pile of woodchips sm


The previous day, we had driven by Johnstone Drive, where the East Ridge tree-felling has nearly been completed. Water raced past, and we wondered if a pipe had burst. Being curious, we drove up to see.

It was coming from the forest, where the trees had been removed. Normally, the forest holds the water for days and weeks after rain. But in this area, the trees and bushes are gone, and the water flows right out. We drove around to see if the same thing was happening elsewhere, but saw very little flow.

We couldn’t get back to take pictures until late in the evening. The water was still running off though the flow had substantially lessened. But clearly all the changes are altering the hydrology of the forest.

fast water runoff from the deforested area of Sutro Forest East RidgeWe’re saddened by all this, and are concerned that by the time the “Plan” has been developed, the Forest will already have been changed beyond recognition. The tree-felling from August 2013 onward has already started it in that direction.


From our archives, we bring you two pictures of the area of the Forest above Medical Center Way, taken in 2011 and 2013.

Sutro Forest above Medical Center Way in Feb 2013

Sutro Forest above Medical Center Way in Feb 2013

They’re a fond memory now. The forest still would heal itself if allowed, but it does not look as though that will happen any time soon.

forest above Medical Center Way July 2011

Sutro forest above Medical Center Way July 2011

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3 Responses to More Sad News From Sutro Forest

  1. Pam Walatka says:

    oh shit oh dear 
    – Pam Walatka

  2. Tony Holiday says:

    Afraid to go hiking there these days as it would probably depress me for the rest of the year. I’m someone who knew the area before the Stewards came along.

  3. Richard Crooks says:

    This is so disgusting and shameful. Who is behind this destruction?

    [Webmaster: The only entities with direct involvement are UCSF, which owns the Reserve and hires the contractors, and the Sutro Stewards, who bring volunteer groups to work there.

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