SF NAP on Twin Peaks: Rainy Days and Roundup…

Rainy days and Roundup always make me sigh… This report is brought to you from the drenched slopes of Twin Peaks.

And here’s another one…

They’re putting the pesticide notices high and visible now, which is an improvement. Also, they’re using Roundup. Though it has its problems — and is a Tier II pesticide — at least it’s not as toxic as Garlon (which is Tier I).

Roundup, Twin Peaks, June 2011

For those who hoped that pesticide applications would stop at one or two in Natural Areas… umm, no. This sign is in the same place where we first saw a pesticide sign back in October 2009 (and a couple of times since). Back then, it was against Cotoneaster and French Broom; now it’s against Erhata grass.

Roundup and Garlon, Twin Peaks, August 2009

Still, we’re relieved that the Natural Areas Program is keeping its promise not to use a combination of Roundup and Garlon — as they did then.

[ETA: Two more notices (they have the same text as the ones shown earlier).]

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3 Responses to SF NAP on Twin Peaks: Rainy Days and Roundup…

  1. harry says:

    It’s still disgusting. And now there’s an ugly red tarp on Twin Peaks…slide?

    • webmaster says:

      I believe it’s an AIDS awareness ribbon. Like the Breast Cancer ribbon, only in red.

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