The 1976 UC Regents’ Resolution

As promised, Barbara Bagot-Lopez of UCSF sent us a link to the 1976 resolution by the UC Regents. Most of it pertains to housing on Third Avenue, but it also makes the Open Space Reserve Permanent. For your convenience, we are reproducing it here. (The emphasis added is ours.)

We should also mention that Kevin Beauchamp of UCSF, who made a presentation in February 2010 regarding the new Long Range Development Plan (2012 to 2030), mentioned that the space limit laid down in point 2 has been exceeded, particularly with the new Regenerative Medicine Building coming up.




The following recommendations were approved by the Board of Regents on May 21, 1976:

1. That the reserve on Mount Sutro, which was designated as open space for a twenty-five year period by The Regents in October, 1975, be increased from fifty-two to approximately fifty-eight acres, and that the designation be made permanent.

2. That the boundaries of the San Francisco campus be altered to exclude properties on the west side of Third Avenue from 1309-11 Third Avenue to and including 1379 Third Avenue, and that the new boundaries be made permanent. The total structures within the campus boundaries shall not exceed 3.55 million gross square feet (not including space committed to residential use on Third, Fourth, Fifth and Parnassus Avenues and Kirkham and Irving Streets) and this limit shall be permanent. These restrictions prohibit expansion by UCSF by purchase or condemnation or gift of any property or lease of private residential property not only contiguous with the new campus boundaries, but anywhere within the surrounding area bounded by Golden Gate Park, Oak Street, Ninth Avenue, Clayton and Clarendon. This does not prohibit the use of commercial properties or the affiliation with other public agencies within the area described.

3. That the Regents redefine their commitment, made as part of the October, 1975, approval of the Long Range Development Plan, to return certain existing houses to residential use as alternative campus space and funds for rehabilitation and relocation become available for the activities now housed therein, and that as part of this commitment: The ten houses on Third Avenue, outside the campus boundaries revised as recommended in 2. above, be sold subject to the provisions set forth in 4. below; the thirty-four houses on Third, Fifth, and Parnassus Avenues and on Irving and Kirkham Streets be rehabilitated as required and leased for residential purposes, with priority given to University students, faculty, and staff; and the seven houses on Fourth Avenue remaining after clearance of the site for the School of Dentistry Building project be retained for non-residential campus use.

4. That the Treasurer be authorized to negotiate the sale of the lots and structures, and other improvements thereon, located at 1309-11, 1319, 1325, 1337, 1343, 1355, 1361-63, 1367-69, 1373, and 1379 Third Avenue; the lot between 1355 and 1343 Third Avenue; and the lot between 1309-11 and 1319 Third Avenue, subject to the provisions listed in 4(a) through 4(e) below and that the results of said negotiations be presented to The Regents for final approval and authority to sell based on offers acceptable to The Regents:

(a) The offer for sale of the two vacant lots shall commence within six months and the offer for sale of all remaining properties shall commence within thirty-six months, except that no relocation of University activities or tenants or conversion of houses for residential uses shall be initiated until funds for such purpose are on hand as specified in 4(b) below and until space into which activities or tenants can be relocated is available;

(b) A special fund shall be established to fund projects within the Capital Improvement Program for the purpose of, first, providing accommodation for activities displaced by sale of houses, second, providing accommodation for campus activities displaced by conversion of the structures retained for residential use, and, third, converting and rehabilitating the structures retained for residential use, said fund to be funded from proceeds of the sale of the properties, except as noted in 4(c) below, and, if funds are not on hand from the sale of properties, from an advance, as needed, of not to exceed $50,000 from the University Opportunity Fund, such advance to be on a revolving basis and to be repaid with proceeds, as received, from subsequent sale of properties, it being understood that, at the completion of the sale of the properties, any part of the advance not repaid shall be converted to an appropriation;

(c) The portions of the proceeds of the sales of the lots between 1309-11 and 1319, and between 1343 and 1355 Third Avenue, attributable to the eighteen parking spaces currently located thereon, shall be deposited in the Net Revenue Account of the University of California Parking System;

(d) Funds not to exceed $10,000 shall be allocated by the President obtain an appraisal of market value of the properties for use as residences; and

(e) All properties shall be sold in the then existing condition, it being made clear to the buyer that he or she may be required to conform to all applicable State and City and County of San Francisco codes in converting the structures to residential use;

5. That funds not to exceed $25,000 be allocated to the San Francisco campus from the University Opportunity Fund for the purpose of retaining an independent consultant firm to develop additional plans for the alleviation of transportation problems such as traffic, parking congestion, and availability of public transit, it being the intent that such plans be implemented to the extend feasible within resources normally available to the campus for such purposes or within additional State appropriations that might be made available for such purposes;

6. That the Long Range Development Plan for the San Francisco campus, as approved by The Regents in October, 1975, be amended to reflect the described changes in designation of open space, boundaries, and use of housing;

7. That The Regents recognize the principle that the San Francisco campus will be administered so that the annual average of the daily campus population at the Parnassus site will remain substantially in accordance with the projections set forth in the Environmental Impact Report related to the Long Range Development Plan for the campus, approved by The Regents in October 1975.

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