Found a Cat in Sutro Forest

We’ve been sent a report on a new cat that has shown up in the forest in the Belgrave/  Stanyan area. It’s probably someone’s pet. We don’t have photos, hence the public domain drawing; but here is the description:

“It’s clearly some sort of purebred Siamese, maybe a lynx point? Big tawny body, very Siamese face and large ears. I was wondering if you’ve heard about any lost cats? This cat must have belonged to somebody. If you hear of anything, please let me know. I’ve just spotted it once, but the construction workers have spotted it a few times. The cat seemed quite fearful, sort of slinking along atop a fence, then down into the woods.”

(There’s construction work going on at Belgrave; a home-owner on the forest edge is doing a major re-model.)

If it’s your cat, contact us at fk94131 at and we’ll try to put you in touch with the people who’ve seen it.

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