Mount Sutro: Cloud Forest Pictures by Paul Hudson

The other day, we happened upon this photograph on Flickr, the photo-sharing website that’s part of Yahoo.

We go into the forest often, and have hundreds of pictures taken in various seasons and times of day. This was different. It took our breath away.

Mount Sutro Cloud ForestThen, a day or two later, there was another one. This showed not just the towering eucalyptus trees in the mist, but included an element of the most important understory plant — blackberry.

They were in Paul Hudson’s photostream, with this note:

San Francisco has a Cloud Forest? Apparently it’s a secret. I stumbled upon Mount Sutro Forest quite accidentally. For the last month, I have watched the fog dramatically sweep in across Sutro Tower each evening. This weekend, I decided to hike up and experience it first hand. I did not find Sutro Tower, but instead something quite more interesting…

Read about Cloud Forests, Mount Sutro Forest, and (unfortunately) future plans to partially deforest… Save Sutro Forest!

If you want to see the pictures enlarged — and they’re even more beautiful that way — the links are here and here. We asked if we could publish them here, and he graciously gave permission. “Feel free to post the picture on the Sutro Forest website. It’s a great resource, so I’m honored to contribute in any way.”

Thanks for the kind words, Paul!  If enough people love this forest as we do, perhaps it can be preserved.

[Edited to Add: Paul sent us another lovely Sutro Forest picture, sepia-toned. We’re posting it below, but to see it at its best, here’s the Flickr link.]

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  1. Janet Kessler says:

    Gorgeous shots of a beautiful forest!!

  2. inspirational and emotional photography.

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