Westside Observer “Cannot Comprehend the Logic” of UCSF’s Sutro Plan

The West of Twin Peaks Central Council is one of San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood organizations. It’s actually a “club of clubs” – an umbrella organization comprising twenty west-side neighborhood groups. It meets every month to consider issues that concern its member organizations.

On June 24th, 2013, one of the issues they considered was Sutro Forest. They invited presentations from UCSF and from the San Francisco Forest Alliance/ SaveSutro, which were reported by The Westside Observer, a local newspaper.


Here’s that report. (It’s not online yet; we’ll provide a link when it is.)

westside observer July-August 2013 WoTPCC presentation reportWe think it’s a very fair characterization of the presentations (though the thinning would be worse, to only one tree every 30 feet.)


The Westside Observer’s Mitch Bull couldn’t “comprehend the logic of the proposal by UCSF to better ‘manage’ their section of the Sutro Forest.” Here’s his take on it:

westside observer July-Aug 2013 Save Sutro Forest 1He ends by saying, “The UCSF draft EIR elicited over 200 comments. I hope they listen.

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  1. If anyone with half a brain should see through this. It’s more than about trees. What about everything the trees support? UCSF sees land!!!!!!!! not trees.

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