SF Beautiful Nominates Your Webmaster

sutro forest 1SF Beautiful, a non-profit organization that promotes and celebrates efforts to make – and keep – the city beautiful, nominated your webmaster for an award as an ‘unsung hero.’ The real unsung hero, of course, was beautiful Sutro forest itself, which was featured in a slide show at the reception. (These are the two pictures that were shown.)

sutro forest 2

Boutonniere from SF Beautiful

Nominees’ boutonnieres from SF Beautiful

The winner in this category was Kathleen Russell, an absolutely amazing community volunteer who built and maintains a community garden near St Mary’s Hospital, at Stanyan and Fulton. She is out there every day or every other day, as she has done for 20 years! Her dog, who usually accompanies her, is a therapy dog at the hospital and also a happy meet-and-greeter for neighbors who stop by.

Congratulations, Kathleen! It was an honor to be on the same slate as you.

And thank you, SF Beautiful, for the nomination and for all you do to support and celebrate the beauty of this city.


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2 Responses to SF Beautiful Nominates Your Webmaster

  1. milliontrees says:

    Congratulations for this important nomination from an organization that has been consistently supportive of the Natural Areas Program in the past. One hopes their nomination means that they value the Sutro Forest.

  2. David Varnum says:

    Kathleen is a wonderful neighbor and volunteer! I’m glad she got this award.

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