Furious Letter from a Forest Lover

We received this letter from a long-time hiker in Sutro Forest, who is aghast at the destruction there. We publish it unedited.


“Dear fellow environmentalists and friends of Mount Sutro Forest …

I am lately shocked and horrified even more than usual by the great harm being done to Mount Sutro.

The despicable monsters who are responsible for this ongoing destruction should be jailed/fined for crimes against the environment.

First of all, the trees at the Belgrave trailhead have been felled and huge logs lie across the ivy.

Sutro Cloud Forest - Belgrave Trailhead with felled trees - 2017

Sutro Cloud Forest – Belgrave Trailhead with felled trees – 2017

As you climb higher up, it fortunately (so far) looks as gorgeous as ever — but this was such a shock…

How could these misguided tree killers be allowed to continue to destroy Sutro Forest and other parks and green spaces?

Irreparable harm is being done to the upper Historic Trail also, as well as the other trails. Logs and branches were all over and huge trunks along the trails, some where sawdust was still on the trail next to the doomed tree. Of course it was unnaturally dry where these crazies have done their damage.

It would improve my mood greatly to see the demise of these destructive, antienvironment tree-haters.

What was supposed to be a peaceful nature appreciation hike turned out to also be a bummer as not only did I note with horror the destruction of beautiful, big, healthy trees, but all along the trails as well were the big green dots on other trees that were marked for murder by this bunch of environmental criminals.

It appears they would like nothing more than to make Mount Sutro as bare as Twin Peaks and Bernal Heights Park.


We’re saddened  that two entrances to the forest that were absolutely magical are now … ordinary. The entrance at Belgrave was a couple of posts leading to a narrow winding trail amid tall trees. Once you stepped inside, it was another world.

Sutro Cloud Forest - San Francisco CA - Belgrave Trailhead 2006

Sutro Cloud Forest – Belgrave Trailhead 2006

The entrance to the Stanyan trail was similar – a sudden, miraculous transition from an pleasant residential area into a fairy-tale forest in the heart of the city. Those entrance trees are also gone, victims of “tree-work” after the Stanyan trail was opened up.



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5 Responses to Furious Letter from a Forest Lover

  1. Tony Holiday says:

    How can I post this to Facebook?

    [SaveSutro: Scroll down to the bottom of the post, where there are the “Share This” options. Click on Facebook. If you’re logged into FB, it should post there. If that doesn’t work, copy the link and paste it into your Facebook page?]

  2. Tony Holiday says:

    Wake UP, people – they are destroying this beautiful moist forest!

  3. takebackthegreen says:

    I’ve rarely felt this level of disgust for people (nativist, euc-hating, anti-science pseudo-environmentalists) who I don’t even know.

    Sadly, the general citizenry of San Francisco, only casually familiar with the issue, have been convinced (better PR effort?) that the only thing happening is “removing dangerous trees, eliminating invasives, and restoring natural ecosystems.” Barring some major, attention grabbing event, there will be no public outcry or protest, until it is too late, if ever.

    When the nativist ideologues have succeeded in destroying two of the best open spaces in San Francisco, those who never saw these Cloud Forests won’t even know what has been lost…

  4. Tony Holiday says:

    Thanks, guys. Was able to share on FB okay. Now if only SOME of my local FB “friends” will actually READ these comments. The first step is to make them aware of what’s going on…. ! To protect Sutro, McLaren, Mount Davidson and our other forests and parks from all this unnecessary so-called “managing” of the forests.

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