Admin stuff, and Thank You

It’s been over a year since this website was started up and it has a new look. The template we were using became obsolescent, and we wanted one that was easier to read and better for pictures. So here we are, and we hope you like it!

And we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our readers for being there.

You may have noticed, if you’re subscribed to the website, that the posts you get in your inbox aren’t identical to the one you see at the actual website. (Sometimes they’re very different.) That’s the result, usually, of a premature publication followed by an Oops! We’d recommend clicking on the link to get to the actual post rather than reading it in email.

Those following this website may also have noticed we’re editing comments a bit more extensively. We much prefer not to, and before this, most of our edits have merely been to remove personal comments or actual names.

Lately, we’ve had a large number of comments from people who disagree with us. We appreciate their stopping by to comment – this website is open to opposing viewpoints. But we do try to avoid flames, and once something has been repeated 2-3 times, we don’t think there’s much value-add for our reader in making the same point.

A small amount of snarkiness on a website is okay; too much becomes annoying for anyone not actively involved in the battle. So faced with the choice of allowing the tone of the discussion to slide into the usual internet flame-wars, refusing the comments altogether, or editing them, we went with what seemed like the least-bad option. We’ve tried to be respectful in the edits, removing personal remarks while retaining the substance of the comment.

We continue to welcome comments, from supporters, opponents, or onlookers. But the medium does impose restrictions. Lengthy comments become tough to read, especially as threaded responses. Ideally, keep it short – and one topic at a time is best.

And please, let’s keep it civil. We don’t do flame-wars. We won’t post flames, spam, or comments which repeat something that’s already been said many times over. [Edited to Add: We also delete expletives. We want to stay family-friendly in case of child readers.]

To all who comment: thanks for taking the time and for expressing your views.

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