‘Heartbreakingly Beautiful’ Trees

Redwoods photograph by Laura Morton

Redwoods photograph by Laura Morton

Almost as though in response to our item about the Chron’s indifference to trees, the 27th December issue carried Tom Stienstra’s marvelous piece about the Peters Creek redwood grove, which passes the “blindfold test.”

“What is the Blindfold Test? Imagine that someone blindfolds you and takes you on an adventure. At the payoff spot, they stop and remove the blindfold.

Q: Do you even have a clue where you might be? A: No. Q: Is the beauty of the place heartbreakingly gorgeous? A: Yes. Q: Are you shocked that such a place exists and you never knew about it? A: Yes.

It was illustrated by a lovely picture by Laura Morton (above – click to access the image at SFGate), labeled “The redwoods at Portola Redwoods State Park deep in the interior of the Peninsula are heartbreakingly beautiful and uncommonly secluded.”

That article could have been written about Sutro Cloud Forest. (Lower photograph)

Sutro Cloud Forest Trees



[Edited to add: And – no one seems to want to cut down the skinny tall trees on either side of the tall central redwood in Laura Morton’s picture.]

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