November Fog Log

As we said in the original Fog Log post, we’re keeping track of that crucial “September to November period when fire risk is greatest,” according to the UCSF letter.

“Mount Sutro is squarely in the fog belt. The question is, Whether between the end of summer (and fog) and the beginning of winter (and rain), is there enough dryness to raise fire risk? We’ll find out. What we’re starting here is a Fog Log. It will be updated for every day’s weather. We will also look out for the “dry hot winds” blowing “from the Northeast.” There is a link from the front page.

September had only 7 days that were fogless (i.e. no fog morning or evening). And, these were interspersed with fog-days; the maximum consecutive number of fogless days was 2.

October had 14 fogless days; the longest stretch without fog (or rain) was 7 days. It also had 4 rainy days.

November had 24 fogless days; the longest stretch without fog (or rain) was 6 days. It also had 4 rainy days.


This is the November Fog Log.
(Note: Special thanks to Weather Watch for keeping track when the Webmaster couldn’t.)

November First week: Fogless: 4; Cloudy, 1; Foggy, 2. Clear streak: 5

Sunday, Nov 1: Clear as a bell, no fog. Nov 2: Sunny. Nov3: Sunny. Finally, there’s an easterly wind – but only at 6 mph. And not so hot, nor so dry; humidity is 77%. [ETA: Hmm. Blink, and it’s gone. Now the wind is reported as SW, 4 mph.] Late-night fog. Nov 4: Cloudy, clearing to sunny. Nov 5: Cloudy. Nov 6: Foggy and drizzly. Nov 7: Clear and cold.

November Second week: Fogless: 2; Cloudy: 4; Foggy/ drizzly: 1; consecutive fogless: 6

Native garden November 2

Native Garden in November

Nov 8 and 9: Clear. Nov 10: Overcast and cold. Feels like winter! Nov 11: Overcast, clearing to sunshine. Winds westerly, humidity 83%. Still damp in the forest (from 5 days ago?) In fact, even in the Native Garden is beginning to green out. Nov 12, 13: Clear and cold. Nov 14: Very foggy and drizzly overnight, clearing to sunshine around 11 a.m.

November Third Week: Clear, 6; Rain, 1. Clear streak, 5.

Nov 15, 16, 17: Sunny and/or clear. Nov 18, 19: Clear. No sign yet of the hot dry winds from the northeast. Temps in the 50-60F range. Nov 20: Rain. Nov 21: Clear.

November Fourth Week + 2 days: Clear, 7; Fog or rain, 2. Clear streak, 4.

Nov 22: Misty and damp. Nov 23, 24, 25: Blue skies. Nov 26: Blue skies giving way to gray. Nov 27: Fog and rain. Nov 28, 29, 30: Clear and sunny.

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