“Least Visible” South Ridge and Edgewood

UCSF’s presentation suggested that the planned cut areas are inconspicuous from offsite.

South Ridge Cut Zone small

South Ridge, the View from Twin Peaks

This is South Ridge (above). The yellow dots outline the planned Cut Zone. The homes below it are the Forest Knolls neighborhood.


UCSF Edgewood Cut Zone 1

The Edgewood Cut Zone

And this shows the Edgewood (and Farnsworth) Cut Zone. Removing that area of forest would integrate the neighborhood into the parking lot, the rear of the hospital, the power plant, and the new stem cell research building (not visible here because the picture predates the construction).

(This picture is taken from UCSF’s own FEMA application; we just added the yellow dots to indicated the Cut Zone.)

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3 Responses to “Least Visible” South Ridge and Edgewood

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  2. Nature Lover says:

    Yet more evidence that UCSF is prepared to say anything to justify their bogus project whether it makes any sense of not.

    It’s time to just tune them out and focus on preventing the FEMA funding for this project. There’s no point in negotiating with people who are willing to fabricate their story as they go along. One is always at a disadvantage in a negotiation with people who are not being honest.

  3. Dirk says:

    Let’s continue to see what they have to say; at least some of them are genuinely trying to meet neighborhood concerns. I think.
    Overall, however,I suspect the thrust of their efforts at outreach to the community is to manage opposition, not negotiate a mutually agreeable solution.
    So lets continue to negotiate with them- just in case something good comes of that- while at the same time pursuing other options for stopping this (like preventing the FEMA funding). If nothing else, a two-track approach could make them more likely to negotiate seriously with us.

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