Volunteers, pizza, and $30/hour

On the new improved web-page about Mt Sutro, UCSF has included some information on how they work with the Mount Sutro Stewards, a volunteer nativist group (responsible for the Native Garden at the summit),  which builds and maintains the trails in their forest. The Stewards bring in volunteers from everywhere (Boy Scouts, Santa Clara University students, anyone willing) to come work on the mountain.

The Stewards work closely with the UCSF Facilities Management department, gaining the University’s approval for the work they propose to do and following up after all volunteer work days. UCSF provides hand tools for use by the Stewards, and supplies pizza and water for the volunteer workers.

UCSF goes on to say it’s very grateful. As it should be. It’s getting thousands of hours of free labor, paying pizza. The value of that labor is $30/ hour. (That’s in the FEMA application.) Nice terms, if you can get them.

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  1. Michael Zonta says:

    The nativists got to one of my favorite trees in the Presidio just because it was a eucalyptus. It ruined a very idyllic entry to the Golden Gate bridge for me and probably for many animals.

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