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Presentations: How Did it Become Mt Davidson?

Mount Davidson – the smaller, taller forested mountain just to the south-west of Mount Sutro. Like Mount Sutro, it’s a forest surrounded by neighborhoods. Unlike Mount Sutro, it has a landmark cross on top, visible above the trees. How did … Continue reading

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Save the Forests! Meeting – 21 April 2013

Jointly with San Francisco Forest Alliance, we’re holding a meeting about the planned tree-cutting – not just on Mount Sutro, but also on Mount Davidson and elsewhere in San Francisco.  It’s on Sunday, April 21, 2013 from 4.30 p.m. to … Continue reading

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Is UCSF’s Sutro Forest Actually Unhealthy?

The main argument UCSF makes for the plan to remove 30,000 trees is that the forest is unhealthy. But is it? The letter below is from Alma Hecht, a Certified Arborist who evaluated the forest. SAN FRANCISCO’S FORESTS by Alma … Continue reading

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Mt. Davidson Park – An Open Space Preserved for Recreation or Native Plants?

It’s not just Sutro Forest. Native plant interests threaten trees throughout the city, and in particular, in San Francisco’s other significant century-old forest: Mt Davidson. A favorite area for the residents of Miraloma Park, the Significant Natural Areas Management Plan … Continue reading

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SNRAMP, Pesticides, and Mt Davidson

It’s not just Twin Peaks and Glen Canyon and McLaren Park and Stern Grove. Here are some recent pictures we received of pesticide use on Mt Davidson. It’s the old favorites, Aquamaster (glyphosate) and Polaris (Imazapyr). Coming soon to one … Continue reading

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“Natural Areas Program”: Destroying the Trees of San Francisco

We re-publish this recent article with permission (and minor edits) from Death of a Million Trees. Plans for managing San Francisco’s Natural Areas — currently the subject of a Draft Environmental Impact Report — calls for cutting down thousands of … Continue reading

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