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Why “Thinning” Damages a Forest

This article is republished with permission (and minor format changes) from Death of a Million Trees, a blog dedicated to fighting unnecessary tree-felling in the San Francisco Bay Area. It beautifully reflects the interlinked reality of Sutro Forest, which has … Continue reading

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The Summer Tanager and San Francisco’s Non-Native Plants

One of the more interesting groups to watch, if you like birds, is the Yahoo group SF Birds. (Anyone can read it, but you must join to post in it. [ETA: It’s apparently been changed to a members-only group; only … Continue reading

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Century-old Trees Help the Forest Grow

An interesting study from Canada’s McGill University recently indicated the particular value of old trees. In brief: Trees that are over 100 years old tend to have more moss growing on them at the 15-30 meter (i.e 50-100 feet) level … Continue reading

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Glen Canyon Park and Garlon: Answering Jake Sigg

Recently, several people drew our attention to Glen Canyon and the planned spraying of Garlon 4 Ultra to kill the yellow oxalis flowers there. And someone sent in the notice seen here. Apparently, residents of areas nearby have been understandably upset … Continue reading

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