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A Forest Full of Birds

Sutro Cloud Forest is always alive with birdsong. We couldn’t identify the birds from their calls; we’re not that expert at birding. We were delighted, therefore, to hear from someone much more knowledgeable. Keith McAllister sent us a list of … Continue reading

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Dusk in the forest (with owls)

We walked up into the Sutro Forest on a peaceful bird-filled evening. A few outside noises drifted in. The trees were full of the tweets and trills of bird-sounds,  but the creatures themselves, evidently looking to settle in for the … Continue reading

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The Northern Flicker (woodpecker)

I was browsing the net today and came upon evidence of another species of woodpecker that uses the forest – an excellent photograph of a Northern Flicker on the SFCitizen blog. It was taken in the Sutro Forest.

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Friendly Invasive Species

Someone forwarded me a thoughtful article from the Science section of the New York Times, entitled “Friendly Invaders.” Drawing on the work of Dr. Dov Sax (Brown University) and Dr Steven Gaines (UCSB), and also Dr James Brown of the … Continue reading

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Hairy or Downy Woodpecker Song?

Last week, walking in the forest, I heard what at first sounded like frogs. I listened more carefully, and realized it was a woodpecker of some kind. I’m a birder of more enthusiasm than expertise, and I usually need my … Continue reading

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