Edgewood and Farnsworth

So far, we have concentrated mostly on the South Ridge, planned for the first tree-felling. But recently, we walked around to Edgewood and Farnsworth, the site of the second cut. That appears even more problematic than South Ridge, in some ways.

Building behind the trees

Building behind the trees 1

Building behind the trees

Building behind the trees 2

Edgewood and Farnsworth, the two streets most directly affected, is a bucolic area of single-family homes. It doesn’t even feel like you’re in the city – except, on the other side of the forest is the UCSF Medical Center, and soon, the new Stem Cell Research building.

If these trees are felled and the forest thinned, instead of the sights and sounds and scent of eucalyptus, the Edgewood and Farnsworth neighbors will have the sights, sounds, and smells of an active multi-storied building. Two, actually.

“It wouldn’t be Edgewood any more,” I commented.

“No,” said my companion. “Edgepark. EdgeCarPark.”

There’s been some talk of planting “other trees” instead of the wonderful screen of eucalyptus and vine. We can’t think what other trees will do the job in anything under 30 years. If they grow there at all. The Nativists have other plans for the mountain – they want to convert it to something like Twin Peaks or Tank Hill.

We love Twin Peaks. But like Tank Hill, its glory lies in its views, not its vegetation, which besides the native plants includes non-native grasses, wild mustard, and enough weeds that they dump weedkiller on the whole thing from time to time.

Edgewood Forest

View of Edgewood forest

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