Herbicides (Roundup) and the Forest

This letter is from Alicia Snow, a frequent visitor to the forest. It has been minimally edited to provide direct links and redact one name.

Roundup Quick Pro in Aldea

Roundup Quick Pro in Aldea

Roundup – the herbicide of choice used by UCSF all over our forest, is now found to have a so-called inert ingredient that is carcinogenic.

I have been after UCSF’s [spokesman] for some time regarding the liberal use of Roundup in the forest, sending him many articles about Monsanto’s egregious products and ugly tactics on farmers world wide. He always has ignored all those articles. We are all at risk from these chemicals, but dogs, being closer to the ground and likely to lick things down there, are that much more at risk.

Below, I have copied and pasted 2 emails I sent to [the spokesman] with the links to Monsanto’s products. I sent him these in March of 2008.

Email #1 ——————
The gardeners told me that the spray they use when
they spray at the housing area at Mt. Sutro is
Roundup. I thought you should know about this
article. Pretty scary stuff.

“Here is a very recent expose done for French TV and aired there last week.

And here is an English language site to read on Roundup. I also have been given some DVD’s about the subject. If you want further info, simply Google: Monsanto Roundup. Lots of ugly stuff pops up. This is just
one of many
: http://www.safe2use.com/pesticidenews/roundup.htm

Alicia Snow

Email #2

Here is the three part story of a British documentary on Monsanto, genetically modified soy, and Roundup.

Part I Part IIPart III

I beg you to reconsider further Roundup spraying in the forest. Nothing can be worth this kind of trouble. Plants get more and more resistant, and more and more spraying doesn’t work. What about all the little kids living in the housing area? What about all the neighbors living around the forest? Monsanto wants no one to know about this, but the word is getting out in other countries, and the internet is our source of truth.

Please watch this and get back to me.



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