Disability Access?

Unsigned letter from e449081@bsnow.net
Now that Sutro Stewards has opened up Mt Sutro to public access, UCSF must make it accessible to people with disability.

A paved road already reaches the mountain top. Pave over the native garden, which will reduce the worst fire-risk on the mountain and provide parking. Then pave the major trails for wheelchair access, starting with the Summit Trail.

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2 Responses to Disability Access?

  1. savesutro says:

    Handicapped access could be provided by allowing vehicle access and parking near the water tank area. It probably wouldn’t be necessary to pave over the garden, which has $100K invested in it, and people who really like it. Also, it has an irrigation system, which lowers the fire-risk even though it’s very dry relative to the forest.

  2. Harry says:

    I take the point of the first poster: this is like a judgement by Solomon. Two women claimed the same baby, so he ordered the baby split in half. The real mother said she would rather give up the baby than see him hurt – so Solomon recognized her as the true mother and awarded her custody.

    Who really cares about the forest here? The people who want to chop it up, dry it out and kill what’s thriving there now? Or the people who love it as it is and would like to see it taken care of?

    It’s like a church. If you don’t like my church, that’s your free will. Please go and enjoy your own church, and God be with you. But don’t chop mine down, poison it and take it for yourself.

    There are lots of places that need gardening and restoration. Sutro Forest isn’t one of them.

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