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Mount Sutro Forest: A Walk in the Fog

Summertime, and San Francisco is cool and misty, and this summer even more so than usual.  It’s a wonderful time to visit the forest, which is right inside the fog belt. In foggy weather, Mount Sutro Cloud Forest may be … Continue reading

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Report: UCSF’s Agenda-Planning Meeting

After withdrawing its FEMA proposal, UCSF decided to go ahead on its own. It convened a small group of supporters and opponents for an agenda planning meeting prior to its planned Community workshop. UCSF plans to hold three such meetings, … Continue reading

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The Fog Log Conclusion: Seven Dry Days

Today was the last day of the Fog Log, keeping track of that crucial period, “September-November, when dry, high-intensity winds blowing from the north-east combine with high air temperatures and low humidity,” according to the UCSF letter. Here are the … Continue reading

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Fog Log

So we’ve entered that crucial “September to November period when fire risk is greatest,” according to the UCSF letter. Mount Sutro is squarely in the fog belt. The question is, Whether between the end of summer (and fog) and the … Continue reading

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