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Disturbing Sutro Forest Would Release a Lot of Green House Gases

We’ve pointed out before that Sutro Forest is an excellent carbon sink: The trees are tall, fast growing and have dense wood. In some parts of the forest, the mid-story of blackwood acacia boosts this carbon storage as well. The … Continue reading

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Winter Walk in Mt Sutro Cloud Forest

It was the perfect afternoon for a walk in the company of a friend’s friend who wanted to see Sutro forest. It rained the previous day, but now the weather offered no more than an occasional sprinkle. The tops of … Continue reading

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Flaws in UCSF’s Sutro DEIR: Public Comments Due 19th March 2013

This post is about flaws in UCSF’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. It isn’t comprehensive, but hits some of the high points. Here is the PDF of the DEIR: Mount_Sutro_EIR_1-16-13_with_Appendices MISLEADING PICTURES The DEIR … Continue reading

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Sutro Forest Statement by Dr Joseph Mascaro

This is the statement of Dr Joseph Mascaro at the February 25th 2013 hearing UCSF held about the Draft Environmental Impact Report regarding Sutro Forest. It is published here with permission and added emphasis. ——————————- My name is Dr. Joseph … Continue reading

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Srsly, Ms. Feinstein?

When ten thousand trees are cut down on 400 acres of steep hillsides, it stands to reason it’ll have a major environmental impact. Four “fire hazard mitigation” proposals from UC Berkeley, Oakland, and East Bay Regional Park District plan to … Continue reading

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Global Warming & Quarter-mile relocations

Someone drew my attention to an article in today’s San Francisco Chronicle: “Global Warming to Keep Animals, Plants On Move.” The story was about a study from a scientific team from Cal Academy of Sciences, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Institute … Continue reading

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Report: UCSF Oct 19th Meeting

We report on the UCSF October 19th meeting seeking community input into the “Fire Mitigation” project. [Italics in brackets are our comments.] It was a well-run meeting, moderated by Daniel Iacafano of Moore Iacafano and Goltsman. Barbara French, UCSF’s Associate … Continue reading

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1 acre = 30 cars

I stole this graphic from the Nature Conservancy website (which I’ve linked here, so I hope they won’t mind). We’ve been hearing about the carbon impact of chopping down all those 120-year old trees. Until now, I didn’t have an … Continue reading

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In the News: UCSF; Tree Planting; Native Herbicides

We’re starting a new feature here: In The News. We plan to post summaries of relevant news items (or other pieces from the internet), and comment on them. SAVING FORESTS IS ONE OF THE MOST EFFICIENT CLIMATE REMEDIES This article … Continue reading

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