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“Nature in the City”: Tree-huggers vs Tree-killers

Recently, we posted a reader’s note about a talk from the organization called ‘Nature in the City’ (NC) on the “urban forest.” (Those are NC’s quote-marks; they apparently don’t believe in urban forests). NC is the parent organization of the … Continue reading

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Puzzled #5 – UCSF: Strange Objectives

Today’s discussion is about Objectives. “ What are the objectives of the projects?” the Q&A asks, and proceeds to list the following: “• To substantially reduce the amount of highly combustible fuels to prevent a fast-moving, high-intensity fire that could … Continue reading

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Puzzled #4 – UCSF: Cloud Forest ?

The fourth in our series of responses to UCSF’s July 9th letter. According to the letter, “The forest is not a “Cloud Forest” (these are native forests found in tropical and subtropical areas of the world), but Mount Sutro does … Continue reading

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Puzzled #3 – UCSF: Demonstrating what?

Today, I’m moving from puzzlement into bafflement on the topic of Demonstration Projects. UCSF says it ‘wants to take advantage of FEMA funding to do a larger demonstration project in the South Ridge area (8 acres rather than 2 acres). … Continue reading

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Puzzling letter from UCSF: Fire Hazard?

The enclosure to the July 9th 2009 letter from UCSF’s Assistant Vice Chancellor was puzzling. It managed to concentrate a large number of questionable statements in a very small space, and will keep this blog busy for a while! Today: … Continue reading

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