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Petition the Sierra Club to Stop Advocating Against Trees and For Pesticides

Million Trees and The San Francisco Forest Alliance¬† have a petition to ask the Sierra Club to stop advocating for the destruction of trees and the use of pesticides in the San Francisco Bay Area. You may be shocked to … Continue reading

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Fighting SF Bay Area Deforestation

We’ve been extremely concerned about this disastrous East Bay project – a plan to cut down up to 450,000 trees. Others are fighting back. The post below has three ways in which you can help. It’s republished with permission from … Continue reading

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Law Suit to Stop FEMA from Funding East Bay Deforestation

Recently, we had written about the hugely destructive plan to cut down hundreds of thousands of trees in the East Bay. The new Plan, written in response to 13,000 comments, was as bad as the previous one. (Read that here: … Continue reading

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East Bay Trees to be Destroyed – How to Help

Our regular readers may recall that an extremely destructive project is planned for Berkeley and the East Bay Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s going to fell nearly half a million trees. The land managers sought FEMA funding … Continue reading

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Lament for Oakland’s Garber Park

We read this article in the Spring issue of Hills Conservation Network’s newsletter (the link goes to a PDF), and it resonated with us who want to save Sutro Forest’s habitat. Ecological destruction, whether from building and traffic, or from … Continue reading

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