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Blackberry Provides Valuable Habitat

From time to time, over the years, we have written about the value of blackberry as habitat, and as part of this wonderful forest.  (See: Sutro Forest Ecosystem and Wildlife Habitat.) Recently, wildlife photographer and observer Janet Kessler published this … Continue reading

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Habitat Destruction with Sutro Stewards

Around this time last year, Sutro Forest was alive with birdsong all day from dawn to late dusk. “We walked up into the Sutro Forest on a peaceful bird-filled evening,” we wrote  in late February 2010. “A few outside noises … Continue reading

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Mount Sutro Forest Ecosystem and Wildlife Habitat

We’ve talked earlier about how Sutro Forest works as a Cloud Forest, and why it’s always damp. Today, it’s Sutro Forest as an ecosystem and a habitat.  UCSF recently had a scoping meeting for its Environmental Impact Review for their … Continue reading

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