Season’s Greetings, and Good Wishes for 2020

When we started this website back in 2009, we had no idea that we would still be running it in 2020! But so it seems, and the battle continues though it is an uphill one.

The forest has already been considerably thinned, and some areas effectively clear cut (notably the East Ridge Trail, above the Aldea Student Housing). The picture below shows what was formerly a dense forest, which was then felled. The eucalyptus is resprouting, but we expect the sprouts will be destroyed too.

Nevertheless, there are still beautiful areas in the forest, and still a lot to enjoy – especially if you do not compare it with what used to be.

The forest is resilient. We hope that the forest managers will eventually leave it alone, and as it has done for the last century, it will rebound into its own.

Meanwhile, we light a candle to the future. A green one, because trees are our last best hope for stemming the climate crisis.





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