A Walk in the Woods With Barbara French

Dr Morley Singer arranged a walk in the forest with Barbara French, Associate Vice Chancellor, University Relations, to discuss the issue of the possible project to cut thousands of trees.

We set out at 8.30 a.m., walking through the Interior Green Belt and up to the Native Garden at the summit, then back down the trail to the Aldea campus and on to the Edgewood planned cut, before returning via the trails to where we started.

We pointed out the difference between the dried-out areas where the forest was thinned and opened, and the dampness of the trails where the dense cover and undergrowth held in the moisture. Dr Singer discussed the history of neighborhood opposition to tree-felling on the mountain. We also talked about the apparent native-plant activism involved in the project.

We thank Ms French for her willingness to come on this walk, and for being receptive to the concerns of the community, and look forward to a positive resolution to the issue.

Several concerned people also spoke at the UC Regents meeting on the subject of the Mount Sutro forest. We met Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellman, who said she would move into her residence in the woods in October. We look forward to that, as it will give her an opportunity to see what we are talking about here.

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