Letter from the SF Tree Council

Letter in support, to the SF Urban Forestry Council from San Francisco Tree Council, (published with permission):

Re: Support for Letter “Objections to the UCSF “Fire Mitigation” Plan

Dear Urban Forest Council Members,

I assume item #7 refers to the letter – Objections to the UCSF Fire Mitigation Plan. It states what I have been saying for many years, as a member Parnassus Community Action Team (PCAT), UCSF Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve; and reiterates what was said last February, when UCSF invited SFTC to meet privately with them (I decided to include a neighbor, Paul Castleman and John Rizzo, SF Sierra Club); and what the public expressed at the last public meeting May 18th.

Please consider carefully what the Mt. Sutro citizens are saying.
I agree with their concerns and also believe this plan does not reduce the risk of fire in the Mount Sutro area but actually increases fire risk, substantially.

The fire risk has been considerably overstated for the purpose to get FEMA money. The Plan is to remove many trees that will affect the microclimate in the forest as well as in neighboring areas by making it drier and windier; the use toxic chemicals will affect the watershed area; will also cause the destruction wildlife habitat; and removing trees and undergrowth will increase the potential for dangerous landslides.

The historic 100-year-old forest is part of the character of the adjoining neighborhoods, and destroying them will adversely affect resident’s environmental health, quality of life and property values.
None of the above are proper uses for Federal funding, including FEMA grants. Nor will this plan improve or preserve the historic forest.

Please join in support, of the many neighborhood citizens that rightfully object to the Mt. Sutro Fire Mitigation Plan.

Sincerely yours,

Carolyn Blair
Executive Director, San Francisco Tree Council, Member SF Urban Forest Council

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