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5 Responses to UCSF_Mt_Sutro_DEIR_wAppendices

  1. Meg says:

    Please leave the area as is. We need to have the space and be careful with what’s left.

  2. kirby settle says:

    Please reconsider and keep this forested area as it has been for decades. It’s part of our history and is well loved JUST AS IT IS. Why is it that self styled “experts” always think they know best?

  3. Melody Lendaro says:

    Please leave this area as it is. It sounds like you all are just looking for more free parking. This is such a unique area that most cities
    do not have. why now, why ever. what are the ulterior motives. It just looks like a land grabbing mess confused with getting rid of everything for native species.. Native species is brush what trees are native?
    look how Ocean beach turned out. The ICE PLANT is still THERE. work on the projects you have already started. those native plant people are nuts. Hawaii has no native plants everything there is brought in by bird droppings. If they got rid of the none native species they. What evil master mind is driving this forward.

    [SaveSutro: Please write to UCSF? They won’t see your comments here. Write to the Chancellor Hawgood and Vice-Chancellor Barbara French. Chancellor@ucsf.edu or sam.hawgood@ucsf.edu and Barbara.French@ucsf.edu ]

  4. Melody Lendaro says:

    trees are very critical to humanity … they keep the thermostat from going up to boiling. there is no benefit from cutting down these

  5. Doug Landau says:

    Leave it alone – NO PROJECT!

    [Webmaster: Please write that to UCSF! Email EIR@planning.ucsf.edu – the deadline is 5 pm PST today, Sept 22, 2017]

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